Acer’s Predator 21 X Product Review – The Best Thing about it

Moving ahead from the league of laptops, the world is now crazy about the latest thing in the market- gaming books.

You get ultra-thin, ultra-smart and amazingly fast gaming machines to play with today. While there are some good many gaming laptops out there – each unique and ultra-fast – you need one that delivers what you need and is bang for your buck.

Acer’s Predator 21x Review- The Gaming Behemoth You Looking For

Acer’s all-new Predator 21x has been called the most insane gaming laptop on the entire planet that has ever been built by man. This gaming laptop reviewed by Topprobe ( is fast, huge and insanely expensive at a whopping $8,999.

Acer’s Predator 21x is definitely the most badass gaming laptop ever built and if you wanna see what you get by throwing $9,000 down the drain, read on to find out everything that this incredible gaming laptop has to offer to its privileged users!

Acer Predator 21 X Review

At first glance

Here are some of the things that you can expect from the Acer Predator 21x.


  • Great performance
  • Super immersive curved screen
  • Fantastic gaming experience
  • Offers the latest specs
  • Fastest gaming laptop on offer with 120Hz refresh rate


  • Ludicrously expensive
  • Terrible battery life
  • Barely portable
  • Not as great in non-gaming stuff


Acer's Predator
Massive size

The very first thing that will strike you about Acer’s Predator 21x is its scale. It is a huge laptop and even thicker in size than a MacBook Pro. It’s a mind-boggler how hardware makers actually contemplate making such massive devices without giving any heed to logic or common sense or feasibility for that matter, but at first glance, the sheer size of this humongous beauty might just take your breath away!

Incredible specifications

This gaming laptop weighs an impressive 18.76 pounds, and the other gaming laptops would look like dwarfs in front of this gaming giant. It beats its competitors in not just weight but also its impressive price tag at $8,999.99. It has a built-in screen, mouse, keyboard, batteries and much more. It looks like you could fly an airplane with the kind of firepower this machine has! You also have a 21-inch screen and a 120Hz refresh rate that makes it unbelievably fast.

Quite frankly with such a high refresh rate, you won’t ever have to worry about games stuttering any kore and even playing videos woukd be an immersion experience. Here is a tit bit for you to get the context – even many of the 4k TVs today come with a 60 hz refresh rate, and this one from Asus offers double that!

Trackpad and keypad

This gaming laptop utilizes cherry MX brown switches in a full height mechanical keyboard. What’s cool about this seemingly innocuous keyboard is the RGB-lit individual keys. There are the regular sedate black keys in there as well if you’re not a big fan of the WASD colored keys. The trackpad on this gaming laptop is unique too.

You can flip the trackpad over in this one, probably because Acer understands that any serious gamer wouldn’t go for the trackpad when playing. The trackpad is a 10-keypad although the keys ain’t mechanical.

Power and ports

21 XThe Predator 21x has more ports than you have fingers on your hand. It comes with four ports of USB 3.0 Type A, one port of Thunderbolt 3, one HDMI 2.0 and two DisplayPort. It also comes with a Gigabit Ethernet, an SD Card reader, an analog mic, a Kensington lock slot and a headphone port. You won’t find any problems when it comes to attaching your USB drives and peripheral devices here.

Other upgrades

There’s a lot of room for upgrades in the Predator 21x since you can easily remove/replace the top of the hardware. All you have to do is take out one screw, and you can successfully replace the RAM or the hard drive if you wish to.


The Predator 21x is definitely a powerhouse performer with a lot of power. Nevertheless, it is quiet as a mouse. People usually have the notion that if we are talking about a gaming laptop, it has to be loud and noisy. However, the gaming technology has advanced a lot in the past few years because of which, the Predator 21x makes gaming a quiet and serene experience. The hardware remains super cool despite a hell of a load which is an impressive feat and accomplishment in itself.

Battery life

Despite the incredible features of this gaming laptop, the battery life on this piece of gadget is so dismal that it lets it down terribly. How bad, you ask? Well, it’s actually the worst we have ever seen from any gaming laptop with video playback. You could barely expect it to stretch beyond a couple of hours while playing your favourite games.

Sure, we understand games to take a lot more processing power, but if you are bringing out a premium gaming laptop, you would want it to have a good battery life too. Otherwise, the whole purpose of creating portable gaming laptops don’t sound right; you could just go in for a gaming desktop instead.

Bottom line – Should You Go For It?

Most reviews mostly end by telling people whether or not they should buy a specific product. However, it becomes quite hard to give a definite verdict with this laptop owing to its amazing and sexy features while also some that let you down.

If you ask whether or not to buy the Predator 21x, the answer would be quite complex. But if you are an avid gamer and gaming laptops get you weak in the knees, then this flashy and ludicrously expensive piece of gadget would surely get your juices flowing! It’s got a great processor and a wonderful screen. Sure, the massive size means you’re missing out on good battery life but if you aren’t traveling much with it, it shouldn’t bother you much.