Auto Responder Facts and How to Use Them


Checking and responding to email is one of the most time-consuming tasks of running an internet business. While good customer service practices require you to make timely answers to questions and comments, the use of autoresponders can help you immensely. They are also accommodating in growing your online business. Autoresponder email programs will free up your time to attend to other business tasks.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an email system program that automatically sends an email response when someone writes you an email. They can also send automatic emails in a period, like once per week, or a series of emails, like once every day for a week.

Email Autoresponder

With an autoresponder, you essentially program your email service to send a particular email message that you create based on a criterion. The criteria could be receipt of an email, signing up for an email on a website form, or a period.

Basic Uses for Autoresponders

Simple one-time autoresponders are perhaps most popularly used to send an initial response to a customer service request. If a client or client emails you to ask a question, the autoresponder will immediately send out a message telling them that you have received their inquiry and will attend to it soon. This type of one-time automatic email can also be a thank you note for signing up to a newsletter, placing an order, or many other tasks.

Hook Autoresponder Series

Autoresponders can also be used to send a series of related emails to a person. You can use them to send one email each day in an email based tutorial or lesson. You can even set up a series of marketing emails to be sent to those who opt-in over a period.

What Autoresponders Do For You

By automating various email tasks, autoresponders allow business owners online to tend to other matters. With thank you and acknowledgment email messages, you will assure clients and customers that they are being tended to promptly. Excellent customer service is paramount in developing a business online.

Autoresponder to Get More Traffic

If you use your autoresponder to send a series of emails to your opt-in subscribers, you will create a continuous contact that will improve business relations and lead to more sales. Offering free autoresponder-based tutorials or lessons will also help you build a name for yourself as an expert in your field.

Utilizing autoresponder email services for your online business will help you reduce the time spent with emails. While customer service emails must be sent personally promptly, many other regular emails may be automated with autoresponders. This fabulous technology can help you build your online business quickly and easily.

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