Gift Ideas for Business Travelers

 Gift Ideas for Business Travelers

There are many great gifts suitable for business travelers. They come in different price ranges, styles and more so that if you take the time and effort, you should be able to get a great gift for your business traveler no matter what his or her likes or your budget. The following are some ideas on great gifts for business travelers.

Portable listening device – You may want to consider a music player such as an MP3 player. Business travelers spend time on planes, cars, etc., and many would like to listen to music. An excellent portable listening device, such as an IPOD, can help them pass the time on the long trip. There are many different brands of music players, and they have different features.

Portable listening device

Portable DVD player – Many travelers enjoy being able to watch movies as they travel to and from their destinations or while in hotels. A portable DVD player can be an excellent gift. These can range in price starting at under $100 for the basic models. Different brands make them, and they can be found in most electronic stores, as well as larger general stores such as Target. You may want to add a few DVDs to the gift as well.

Leisure Books – Many people like to read as they travel, so some good books may be just the thing to help them pass the time. This is a relatively inexpensive gift. Of course, you will need to know the person’s tastes before buying the book since there are obviously thousands and thousands from which to choose. One option would be to purchase the person a gift card to be used at a bookstore.

Luggage – Most travelers use luggage on their journeys. A nice luggage set may be a great gift for your traveler. You can do anything with a single inexpensive bag all the way up to an expensive matched luggage set. Again, you will want to take the person’s tastes into account when choosing this. Also be aware of what would be practical for them – a huge luggage set might not be perfect for a traveler who makes it a point to travel light and only pack a small carry-on bag.


Travel alarm clock – Many travelers like to carry their little alarm clocks to avoid any worry about hotel wakes up calls or clocks. A beautiful travel clock might make a good gift.

Many gifts would be suitable for the business traveler. The preceding were just a few that may work for your firm traveler.

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