“How Much Do You Invest in Marketing Your Business?”

Marketing Your Business

I hear this question way too much. Here is the answer… As much as you want. I know, you are probably getting ready to fire up your email program and roast me for such a simple answer…but don’t do that just yet. Here is the rest of the answer…

In the right places, using the right techniques, directed at the right audience.


This methodology, combined with the right mentality in your marketing will consistently produce a substantial Return on Investment (ROI). So, invest as much as you can of your available funds this way…because it will just keep making money for you over and over again.

But here is the catch…


Miss any one of the three key elements:

1) The right places (market area)

2) The right techniques (correct message, and type of marketing)

3) The right audience (marketing your product to someone who wants to buy)

And your campaign goes BOOM (it implodes)!

Period. It doesn’t matter if you invest 3% of your sales or 30% of your sales…if you do not have every one of the three key elements locked in…you will get roughly the same proportion of Return On Investment, very little to nothing.

Let’s examine the real scenario…

If you invest $100 on marketing your business properly and get $200 in sales from that investment because you properly marketed according to the steps above…what would happen if you invested $1000 in the same marketing campaign? $10000? $100,000? Marketing is a science, so you would continue to get the same percentage of return on investment.

Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Business

That’s right; you could keep trading investment for profits until the market dries up (which is extremely rare, so no excuses as to not focusing here).

In other words, your focus should not be how much money you are devoting to marketing your business, but how you are marketing your business. That is the mindset of all very successful business owners.

In my humble opinion, you have two options to choose from today (I am a big believer in immediate action)…

1) Keep tossing a bunch of marketing and advertising dollars at the “wall” and hope they stick.


2) Focus your message, use the right methodology, and make sure the people reading that message will want your product or service. And PROFIT ALL DAY LONG.

I already know which option you would like to choose. That is the obvious part.

What are you going to do in your business today to choose that option?

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